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Hello my name is Rihanna from Nairobi Spa Massage and I provide excellent sensual massage services.

Close your eyes, Inhale deeply. Exhale and release the day’s stress.
I am a sensual massage practitioner and doctoral candidate of Holistic Medicine.
For 4 years, I have practiced Shiatsu Massage, Relaxation Sensual Massage, Sports Massage, Foot Reflexology, Contemporary Cupping Therapy (CCT) and more. I am also a Reiki Master and Master Herbalist. I am the real deal.

I have a professionally-equipped space complete with:
* Top of the line, extra-thick padded professional massage table
* Fresh, soft flannel sheets and spa towels
* Sensual Relaxing Spa Music, Waterfall and Candles
* Proprietary Essential Oil Blends

Very clean, safe, private and comfortable environment, conveniently located in Westlands Nairobi.

Escape from reality into a blissful space, where stress will melt you away. My warm soothing sensual hands have a touch to make you feel at ease. Lay back relax and let my hands give you what your body needs. Tantric Sensual  Massage is my specialty and I love to create a pleasurable experience for all my clients.

Call Rihanna,

Tel: 0725 935 581

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