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Enjoy a full body sensual relaxation massage in a private and peaceful environment, catered to your own needs. Taking appointments daily 24/7.

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Tel: 0735 546 634

Surrender to the sounds of the goddess, to the melting away of today’s troubles and tomorrows turmoil. This sensual massage session takes you to a place where the body relaxes and you will intuitively move with your sensual energy.

You won’t have to do anything or force anything. There is no forcing or thinking in the tantric arts, this philosophy brings with it the skill of moving within in your sensual world with power yet graceful ease.

Allowing the kundalini energy to flow you will have an awareness and knowledge of the natural rhythm of you and your sensuality. The old ways will fade away and the new will present itself if we only surrender.

Bring back your sensuality for life, your goddess will create a space for your body to respond to the intangible mysteries of the sacred sensuality.

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Tel: 0735 546 634

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